Grizzly Yellow BASS CRAWLERS flies lures – fly fish or TEXAS/CAROLINA rig!!$$

These Bass Crawlers are my greatest promoting bass flies 12 months after 12 months. I tie them on a wide-gap #1/zero bass hook with a stiff mono weed guard. They’re four” lengthy. One of the simplest ways to fish these is to forged to or by construction, let it sink to the underside, purpose your rod tip at it, take out all the road slack, then S-L-O-W-L-Y crawl it again to you. You’ll really feel it bumping and tapping the underside then BANG! You may also stream it previous construction and alongside the weed line. The copper cone head will make it just a little jiggy. If you happen to fish for the large bass, you’ll like these. TWO flies included. BAITCASTERS -I promote a ton of those to standard bass fishermen – they fish em’ Texas or Carolina Rigged. The bunny tail barely “waves” even when stopped on the underside. When reeled, the tail and the collar strikes with unbelievable motion! PLEASE check out my different colours!


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