50 – Senko Style 5″ Bass Fishing Worms – Soft Plastic Stickbait Lures

This itemizing is for 50 – 5″ Senko Model Plastic Fishing Worms. Worms are salt impregnated. This worm wreaks havoc on suspended and bedding bass. Stickbait worms casts like a rock. Simple to rig, not possible to fish improper – Texas rig, Carolina rig, Wacky type, Weightles or Dropshot. Now we have been within the fishing deal with enterprise for over 25 years, and solely sale TOP high quality baits. You probably have any questions on our baits, please be happy to ship us a message. We bag them in plenty of 10. After you make buy and are paying, simply add your shade selections (BPS##’s) to the notice part of fee or by sending a message. You’ll find the BPS## beside the photographs of every shade. The colour code is all we’ll want, you should not have to write down the entire shade description. Right here is an instance of write up your shade choice: (10 – BPS14, 10 – BPS33, 10 – BPS45, 1 – BPS67, 10 – BPS 75) Beneath is a chart with all of the doable amount combos: (50) Colour #1(40) Colour #1 – (10) Colour #2(30) Colour #1 – (20) Colour #2 (30) Colour #1 – (10) Colour #2 – (10) Colour #Three(20) Colour #1 – (20) Colour #2 – (10) Colour #Three (20) Colour #1 – (10) Colour #2 – (10) Colour #Three – (10) Colour #four(10) Colour #1 – (10) Colour #2 – (10) Colour #Three – (10) Colour #four – (10) Colour #5 ~ Click on footage under to view bigger photographs of every shade ~ Pictures Colour Code Colour Description BPS01 Inexperienced w/ crimson, black, & inexperienced flakes BPS02 Black & crimson BPS03 Pearl w/ silver flakes BPS04 Pearl w/ black flakes BPS05 Pearl w/ bronze & black flakes BPS06 Brown w/ bronze & black flakes BPS07 Chartreuse & brown w/ black flakes BPS08 Purple w/ inexperienced & purple flakes BPS09 Grey w/ silver & black flakes BPS10 Chartreuse/Creme BPS11 Brown w/ orange & inexperienced flakes BPS12 Inexperienced pearl w/ silver & black flakes BPS13 White BPS14 Purple w/ silver flakes BPS15 Inexperienced w/ purple & crimson flakes BPS16 Pumpkinseed w/ crimson & black flakes BPS17 Black w/ crimson flakes BPS18 Inexperienced swirl w/ gold flakes BPS19 Grey w/ silver & blue flakes BPS20 Brown w/ purple & inexperienced flakes BPS21 Lime inexperienced w/ black flakes BPS22 Brown w/ gold & black flakes BPS23 Inexperienced w/ gold flakes BPS24 Pumpkinseed w/ orange & black flakes BPS25 Violet w/ blue, inexperienced, & gold flakes BPS26 Inexperienced w/ black, gold, & inexperienced flakes BPS27 Mild brown w/ gold, black, & inexperienced flakes BPS28 Brown w/ black flakes BPS30 Brown w/ inexperienced & black flakes BPS31 Brown w/ crimson & black flakes BPS32 Inexperienced & pumpkinseed swirl BPS33 Brown w/ black flakes BPS34 Inexperienced w/ black flakes BPS35 Darkish grey w/ silver & black flakes BPS36 Brown w/ yellow & black flakes BPS37 Brown pearl w/ black flakes BPS38 Olive Inexperienced swirl w/ silver & black flakes BPS39 Inexperienced w/ crimson, black, & gold flakes BPS40 Inexperienced w/ purple & black flakes BPS41 Plum Emerald – Purple/Plum with small inexperienced flakes BPS42 (Japanese Beetle)/Bitter Apple Half inexperienced with inexperienced flakes, and half purple with inexperienced flakes BPS43 Pearl BPS44 Black with crimson flakes BPS45 Black with blue flakes BPS46 Pumpkinseed – Brown with black flakes BPS47 Blue Flex – Purple with blue flakes BPS48 Watermelon Sweet – Inexperienced with crimson & purple flakes BPS49 Junebug – Purple with inexperienced flakes BPS50 Watermelon gold flakes BPS51 Blue Gill – Clear with black/gold/blue flakes BPS52 Watermelon Magic – Inexperienced with black and gold flakes BPS53 Watermelon Seed – Inexperienced with black flakes BPS55 Texas Smoke – Gray with purple/inexperienced/gold flakes BPS56 Inexperienced Pumpkin – inexperienced/brown combine with black flakes BPS57 Pumpkinseed Chartruese Tail BPS58 Inexperienced Pumpkin Chartruese Tail BPS59 Watermelon Seed Chartruese Tail BPS60 Crimson Shad – Half crimson / half black BPS61 Half blue / half black BPS62 Key Lime Pie – Half white / half vibrant yellow BPS63 Watermelon pepper frog / sizzling orange BPS64 Okeechobee Magic – Half blue / half watermelon seed with silver flakes BPS65 Half orange / half black BPS66 Black yellow swirl BPS67 Inexperienced pumpkin chartreuse swirl BPS68 Purple Brown – Half see-through purple / half darkish purple with silver & crimson flakes BPS69 Blue Craw Swirl – Mixture of a inexperienced pumpkin and pearl blue BPS70 Houdini – Half sand / half mild inexperienced with black/gold/crimson flakes BPS71 Watermelon Sprayed Grass – Half inexperienced with black/inexperienced/blue flakes / Half mild pink with purple & black flakes BPS72 Child Bass – Half pearl / half inexperienced with black/gold/inexperienced flakes BPS73 Half pearl / half inexperienced pumpkin with chartreuse tip BPS74 Watermelonseed crimson flakes – Inexperienced with black & crimson flakes BPS75 Smoke with purple & black flakes BPS76 Watermelonseed with purple & black flakes BPS77 Watermelonseed Crimson Magic – Inexperienced with crimson/black/gold flakes BPS78 Brown with a pearl tint BPS79 Darkish melon pepper – mixture of inexperienced/gray with black flakes BPS80 Mixture of inexperienced/yellow/orange with black/crimson/inexperienced flakes BPS81 Smoke with black/gold/silver flakes BPS82 Watermelonseed Chartruese swirl BPS83 Crimson Shad swirl BPS84 Sweet corn swirl – Orange and yellow swirl BPS85 Chocolate swirl – Brown pearl combine with black & silver flakes BPS86 Half pearl / half smoke with black/inexperienced/blue/crimson/silver flakes BPS87 Morning Daybreak – See-through half pink / half purple BPS88 Redbug with inexperienced & black flakes and chartruese tip tail ~ Click on footage above to view bigger photographs of every shade ~ Transport and Cost Info US Patrons FREE – USPS precedence class delivery (2-Three enterprise days, from date merchandise is shipped) Canadian Patrons $10.00 for USPS top notch worldwide delivery (delivery time varies by vacation spot) $20.00 for USPS precedence mail worldwide flat fee envelope (6-10 enterprise days, from date merchandise is shipped) COMBINING SHIPPING (See Beneath) Further delivery is FREE for US Patrons Further delivery is $5.00 per lot for Canadian Patrons Cost strategies — Paypal Our packages are wrapped professionally, and we use the very best delivery supplies to ship our merchandise. All gadgets we promote are IN STOCK and able to ship


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