192pcs fishing lures Bait KIT BASS spoons hooks Quality classic accessory boxes

Freshwater Fishing seawater high quality traditional accent package 192 pcs lures bait go well with((Based on the stock of colours and shapes might fluctuate))Set benefits and aims Word:1: fastidiously chosen boutique fashions pave the way in which for a powerful fish do!2: Within the above fashions pave the way in which for bait shade texture focus3: portray and electroplating processes strict necessities to make sure the colourful, reflective effect4: deal with the number of quick swimming posture was higher guarantee fast strokes of the varieties5: The above points are resolved, it can’t catch any fish! ! !6: Our aim is a excessive price of fish, let the massive guys by no means go empty! ! ! 100% in-kind taking pictures Particular Word: Particular person shade and form might fluctuate due to the impression the inventory doesn’t have an effect on the standard and amount, don’t shoot don’t settle for. 1, Tieshao 12 (Four-12G random) 2, Minoxidil, an imitation cicada bait, bait onerous pencil, a chubby 1 (of 6, similar to shade random) Three,Appeal to gentle bait 10, crickets, gentle bait maggots capuchin 15, gentle bait shrimp 15 (2 massive, small 5), corn 5, 5 T tail fish,, pink worms, 10 (52, random shade)Four, lead head hook Three, three crank clasps, 2, Three single, copper bullet 2, double lap 10, double ring 10, 10 of hearts, bead 10, hook field (12 # Three-70), article 2 wire(115pcs )5, exit compression double bait field lengthy 20cm * 10cm * Four.5cm 1pcs


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