Shaddock Fishing ® 500pcs/box Size 2 4 6 8 10 Fishing Rolling Swivel High-strength Stainless Steel Rolling Barrel Swivel Fishing Tackle-30Lb to 350 Lb

1) Shaddock Fishing Tremendous Sturdy Rolling Swivel
2)Reusable Plastic Field Retains Swivel Organized & Simply Saved
three)Package deal Included:
#10: 140pcs
#eight: 120pcs
#6: 100pcs
#four: 80pcs
#2: 60pcs
four. Please Get pleasure from Your Procuring with OurRolling Swivel

Product Options

  • 1. Package deal Included: 500pcs in a Free Useful Field with Dimension 2 four 6 eight 10
  • 2. Kind: Rolling Swivel
  • three. Product of Stainless Metal, Sturdy Constructed, Guarantee Excessive Power
  • four. Greatest Combo from Dimension 2 to 10, LB Check from 30LB to 97LB. Merchandise Colour: Black Nickle Coated
  • 5. Ideally suited for Numerous Rigs and Chief Hint Making and Additionally Excessive Efficiency in Bass Fishing, Common Freshwater, Saltwater, Offshore Fishing

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